• Bergön




    Later research by Henry Rönnbäck from Siknäs has shown that there was a shipyard on Bergön in the 1700s.

    In 1776, a large sailing ship was built, called Gustav. The customer was the English merchant Thomas Gilbertdts. After only 13 hours, on October 10, the ship sank in a fierce storm. There is a memorial where the yard used to be and which was popularly called the bynningsplatsen. Bergön, which is today owned by SCA, lies seven to eight kilometers out in the Gulf of Bothnia and is one of the archipelago's largest islands. It is 8 kilometers long and 3.5 kilometers wide. Bergön has been the subject of relatively heavy logging for decades due to its majestically growing forest. On the island there are three harbors and a large number of small bays where you can find wonderful smultron spots. Bergön is relatively close to the mainland and can be reached from Siknäs also with smaller boats or canoes.

    From the middle of the 19th century to 1950, there have been permanent residents on the island, but even these houses are demolished today. However, the old hiking trails remain and along them you can find remains of coal mines and house foundations.

    On the island, Töre Båtklubb has its club house, located by Gårdsviken. Everyone is welcome to the clubhouse with its sauna, which is said to be the absolute best in the archipelago. The clubhouse is mostly used in bad weather and the big parties. Midsummer celebration and surströmmings party are annual events with both a live orchestra and sing-alongs. It is not unusual for around 100 people to gather with their boats to Bergön on these occasions.