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    Hood island...

    Hood island

    Stora Huvön was chosen as one of the most beautiful islands in Sweden in a nationwide vote. What characterizes Huvön are the steep rock walls that plunge straight down to the sea.

    In contrast to this, there is a large fine sandy beach and a deep, very beautiful, natural harbour.

    A wide and deep ravine cuts straight through the mountain. The rock walls plunge 25-30 meters towards the bottom of the gorge. At the bottom of the gorge there are ferns and other plants. An attraction is the lapperstone field.

    In some places it consists of very small stones that have been ground round by the ice sheet. In the middle of the cobblestone field is a small maze. There is a path that leads right over the mountain and crosses the labyrinth.

    From the mountain, an incredible view of Luleå and the Kalix archipelago opens up. You simply cannot miss this gem during your archipelago tour.