Töre skärgård
  • Töre archipelago


    Töre archipelago...

    Töre archipelago is unique

    If you come to the Töre archipelago for the first time, you will come again. Captivating seas and the varied beauty of the islands breathe peace when you glide towards one of the protective natural harbours. You are met by magnificent and untouched nature full of donut places. The islands' multi-thousand-year history offers interesting places to visit. You must also not miss a visit to Töre harbour, which has the unique position of being the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea.

    Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the archipelago is the many shallow and rocky beaches that are constantly rising out of the sea at a rate of 1 m per 100 years. You can also visit many interesting small islands that a few hundred years ago were under water as dangerous ground. The extent of the disembarkation can be clearly seen in Töre through ancient remains of the several thousand-year-old settlements that you can view in the ancient village of Fattenborg, 15 km from Töre.

    The archipelago off Töre is located in a unique area with brackish water - in the realm of Kalixlöjrom. Brackish water occurs in parts of the ocean that have little contact with normal seawater but large inflows of fresh water. Töre archipelago is part of the world's second largest brackish water collection. Only the Black Sea is bigger.

    The archipelago is not just summer. It offers equally captivating experiences in winter, when the dusk and silence of midwinter transform into sparkling clean and white expanses of snow with unforgettable trips on skis or snowmobiles and, not least, popular winter fishing under the ice.